About Me

About the artist and interview in the artist’s own words

Christine Mae Kulper is an American painter and sculptor, living in Sanremo, Italy. Originally from the New York area, she has been exhibiting since the 1980s. Her work relies heavily on color with comparisons and contrasts, within forms and overall themes. Her inspiration can be found in all realms of life, but particularly in the beauty of nature.

She holds a masters degree in Art History and Archeology, and a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. She has worked with many major fine art galleries, museums and publications and has traveled the world extensively.

What is your Purpose?
My purpose is to create visually by “making marks” of any kind. This is an inner need of my heart and the soul with which I was born. This action of expression provides me a feeling of kinship and continuation in the circle of life with others. From our prehistoric ancestors who made their marks on rock walls, to present day artists working in various media, I continue and share.

What is your Reason for creating?
The reason is to create new visual spaces. To invent living forms in the shape of trees, water, animals, sun, sky and earth, and to see them come alive on my canvas or in 3D, expands the inner world of my heart, while outwardly communicating my love of the earth and of life. I hope that the new worlds of my creations will inspire others to feel and resonate with the beauty of our planet.

Foto Christine Kulper